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Our Services

Corporate Service and Business Registration

Do you want to do business, start up company legally in Cambodia? 
How to register and being legally for your investment and foreign branch company in Cambodia?

We can help you.
You must first register with MoC business registration.You have a properly planned business idea, 
along with realistically estimated budgets for your startup in Cambodia. We support business, SMEs and foreign investment in Cambodia.

Our Services as below:
  • Business Registration with MoC, Tax Department, CDC, ....
  • Business Licenses (MoEF, MoH, MoLMUPC,....)
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Dissolution Filing

Tax Services

Do you know tax in Cambodia? 

Do you want you business avoid penalty and interest from tax problems?

We can help you by advisory, consulting, tax training and tax services.

We are a licensed tax agency offering tax services and business consulting that certified by General Department of Taxation of Cambodia.

We experienced from big accounting firm to provide professional service to client, company and many business partners to avoid problems.

Our Service as below:

  • Tax Audit and Assessment

  • Tax Review and Advisory

  • Tax Planning

  • Tax Restructuring

  • Monthly Tax Declaration

  • Annual Tax Declaration

  • Tax Training

Other Services

Do you need any business services?

Do you want to register or protect your trademark of business? Do you want to add or change business activity?

We are welcome to help you.

It is important to ensure that your business is appropriately protected against competition.

By registering your trademark you are effectively building a barrier to entry around your brand.

We also provide many business services as below:

  • Reserve Business Name

  • Change Company Name

  • Change Articles of Incorporation

  • Change Address of the Company

  • Change Directors

  • Change Shareholder

  • Increase/Decrease Share Capital

  • Transfer Shares

  • File Annual Declaration

  • Change Business Activities

  • File Articles of Merger

  • Change Company Type

  • Other Services