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   KD Consulting Group

KD Consultants Company Limited

Our Services :

Corporate Service and Business Registration

Do you want to Startup a new business in Cambodia? 
How to register and be legally for your investment and foreign branch company in Cambodia?

We conceivable benefit for you.
You must first register with MoC, GDT, MoLVT and NSSF in one portal platform with CamDX for business registration in Cambodia. 
You have a properly planned business idea, along with realistically estimated budgets for your startup in Cambodia. 
We support businesses, SMEs, and foreign investment in Cambodia. 

Our Services :
-   Business Registration (MoC, GDT, MoLVT, CDC, NSSF...)                                                              -  Business Licenses (MoEF, MoH, MoLMUPC,...)
-   Business Consulting and Advisory                                                                                                      - Business Deregistration

Tax Services

Do you want to register new business in Cambodia?

What are taxpayers' obligations in Cambodia? 

We can assist you with your business problem by providing advice and consultancy.

We are a licensed tax and accounting firm offering tax services, accounting services and business consulting certified by

General Department of Taxation and Auditing and Accounting Regulator in Cambodia.

At KD Consultants Company, Our dedicated team of professional is here to provide non stop services to your need. Choose us for:

                                                                                                                  Tax Services:

- Tax Audit and Assessment                                                       - Post Clearance Audit Service                                          - Tax Disputes

-  Monthly and Annual Tax Return                                             - Tax Disputes                                                                   - Tax Review, Planning and Advisory  

Other Services


Do you want to protect your business trademark and update your company information?

We are here to help you.

It is important to ensure that your business is appropriately protected against competition.

By registering your trademark you are effectively building a barrier to entry around your brand.

Corporate Services:

- Trademark Registration                                                              - Payroll Service                                                              - Branch Registration

- Change Address of the Company                                               - Change Business Activities                                           - Change Company Name

- Change Directors / Shareholders                                                - Increase/Decrease Share Capital                                   - Transfer Share

File Annual Declaration with MoC                                            - File update information with GDT                                - Other Services


We strongly advise business owners to hire a qualified business consultant to help them with the registration procedure

to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the process.